A family with a common goal:
the manufacturing of quality labels

Our key strength is the family management aspect.

Already in 1962, when Antonio Ghiringhelli first established Nastrificio di Cassano, our philosophy was founded on strong family ties and the shared desire to manufacture fabrics for labels that were produced with care and passion.

The strict manufacturing processes and our human capital represented, and still represent, the values that unite us within a large family, eager to make a difference on the label textile material market.

Investments in Research and Development, the focus on sustainability and manufacturing still Made in Italy are the direct consequence of this fundamental aspect.

our team

Maria Antonietta Ghiringhelli

Chair and majority shareholder 

Marie Antoinette was born and bred on the values of Nastrificio di Cassano since she was a child, when she accompanied her father Antonio around the production department and observed the care with which every roll of fabric was produced with her own eyes.

After an experience in the clothing sector, in 1992 she took over the reins of the company, soon becoming the majority shareholder.

Today she is passionately involved in the general management of the entire company, in charge of administration, the coordination of the sales representatives, and contacts with customers.

In her free time she loves to cook and, as she does with the management of the company, skilfully mixes all the ingredients until she achieves the results that she has set her mind to. 

Elisa Ghiringhelli

Purchasing Manager 

The niece of Antonio Ghiringhelli, Elisa works alongside her aunt Maria Antonietta in the management of orders and suppliers, and supports the Research & Development department in the creation of new products. 

She took a degree in art markets at the IULM University and a Master in Communication and Fashion at the Luxury Academy in Milan, an education that gives her a deep insight to the retail markets and to propose new solutions, in line with current trends in our application sectors. 

Filippo Decio

Sales Manager 

Filippo shares his love of cooking with his mother Maria Antonietta. After training in the hotel sector, he graduated in Economics and Management and officially joined the Nastrificio di Cassano management team. 

In his free time he plays football, a sport that taught him team spirit and that, despite his young age, allowed him to support his mother in the general management of the firm, with the future perspective of a gaining a Master before going on to take over the helm of the company.

Lorenzo Ferraris

Research & Development Manager 

Lorenzo is the company’s product contact person. His training began in Minnesota, where he worked for a label manufacturer during a postgraduate internship. He returned to Italy and continued to collaborate with this multinational enterprise until 2005, when he joined Nastrificio di Cassano. 

His knowledge of the label market made him the right person to lead the R&D department, becoming the key point of reference for customers and suppliers.

In his free time he plays the guitar and dances the Argentine tango, two passions where technique and sensitivity complement each other, similar as to what happens in the search for new solutions in the label fabric world.

Rely on the experience of the manufacturer that has been producing neutral fabrics for three generations when choosing your labels.
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