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Innovative neutral fabrics for the production of labels 

Our production of neutral Made in Italy fabrics is always effervescent. Every year we study new solutions, new materials and new colours that meet the demands of our customers and allow us to still be today one of the most renowned manufacturing companies in the world. 

Certified neutral fabrics 

The attention we focus on quality and the investments in Research & Development has allowed us to be awarded 2 of the main certifications acknowledged in the textile sector: ISO 9001 and OEKO-TEX Class l certification.

In addition, the rolls we supply to the automotive industry are flame retardant polyester rolls, for the production of MV SS 302 compliant labels. 

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New solutions to safeguard the environment 

In recent years we have invested in creating neutral fabrics for labels that are eco-friendly and reduce the environmental impact of our production processes.

The result is a series of products bearing the NDC Green trademark which include acetates produced from fibres originating in FSC certified forests, polyester fabrics obtained from the recycling of PET bottles and the innovative LABìO line made from biodegradable materials.

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Buy neutral label fabrics which are the outcome of years of Research & Development.
Rely on our expertise in the production of innovative textile materials.

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