Label printing on fabric: how to choose the right material

The fabric roll you choose for your labels has a direct impact on the printing operations. Find out which characteristics you should check to choose the perfect label fabric for your requirements.

Fabric labels for clothing, but also for home textiles, automotive components and cosmetic or oenological products, must be long-lasting and continue to provide important information to end-users even after several years.

The lifespan of a label depends, therefore, on the printing process used to print the information, but also on the quality of the roll of fabric selected upstream of the production process.

Let's take a look at the characteristics to take into account when dealing with neutral fabrics in order to produce labels that remain effective over time.

The type of material Fine modulo

The first thing to consider when selecting a roll of label fabric is the material. Premium quality materials, carefully designed and manufactured, can undergo any printing technique without deteriorating and ensuring optimum final aesthetic performance.

At Nastrificio di Cassano we pay particular attention to the research and development of new materials in order to ensure the delivery to all our customers of hard wearing and printable fabric rolls using both traditional and TTR techniques.

The colour

The colour of the fabric can affect printing options, but especially the efficacy of the label in terms of brand awareness.

White rolls can be printed in both black and colour, while coloured rolls, despite having greater limitations in the printing colour choice, make the final labels much more attractive and recognisable, hence contributing to the success of a brand on the market.

Wash resistance

To keep the label intact, the fabric selected to make the label must not start to fray after a few uses.

Once again, it's the focus on the fabric roll design and manufacturing that makes all the difference, and our engineers have conducted a range of analyses to create a range of hard wearing fabrics that meet all your demands.

Find the right roll for your fabric label printing requirements.

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