Lineapelle 2022: the opportunity to propose an ECO packaging

We attended Lineapelle 2022 to propose a new fabric to the leather goods sector to create exclusive and eco-friendly packaging.

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Over the last few weeks have have been busy promoting the new eco-friendly fabric LABìO during the Lineapelle trade fair held in Milan from 22 to 24 February 2022. We did not however present this new fabric as an alternative to neutral rolls for the creation of customised labels, but as a fabric for the creation of eco-friendly and high value added fabric packaging.

In fact, leather garment and accessory duster bags have become a must-have for leather handbags, belts, wallets, shoes, jackets and coats, and manufacturers no longer consider them as merely a tool to protect products against dust and scratches, but also as a distinctive feature of their trademark, a way to boost brand awareness and increase the value of their products on the market.

Let's find out together why LABìO fabric can make such difference in this scenario.

Leather goods, a sector we have been operating in for many years.

Nastrificio di Cassano has been working alongside enterprises in the leather garment and accessory sector for many years, supplying rolls of neutral fabric for the creation of labels for bags, shoes, belts, jackets, trousers, coats and so on.

The quality of our fabrics and the professional expertise of our company are renowned on the market and taking part in the 2022 edition of Lineapelle was the perfect opportunity to meet up with old customers and strengthen our commercial contacts with others.

Until now, however, our commercial contacts have mainly consisted in enterprises working upstream of the processing phases, those that package the garments and choose the suppliers for the printing and design of the labels, while the packaging of the products takes place in a later phase.

Lineapelle 2022: an opportunity to present ourselves with a brand new image

Our ongoing research on eco-friendly fabrics has resulted in the discovery of new fabrics that can be used, not only for labels, that is upstream of the manufacturing process of a leather garment, but also for making bags and dusters for clothing and accessories, that is, during the packaging phases of the finished product.

What better occasion than Lineapelle 2022 to present our LABìO fabric to the companies that actually design the packaging of leather products?

During the trade fair, therefore, we introduced ourselves to new business partners with a brand new image: not only as a label fabric manufacturer, but also as a supplier of fabrics for the creation of exclusive packaging that can bestow an even greater value to every single garment or accessory proposed on the market.

The advantages of the LABìO line for leather products

Compared to the other solutions already available for leather goods, LABIO fabric is a 100% biodegradable yarn, hard-wearing and customisable.

The LABìO yarn can therefore be used to produce fabric dusters and bags that provide protection against dust and scratches without foregoing the aesthetic aspect of the packaging and bestow a distinctly increased perceived value to the final product compared to that of paper, plastic or non-woven fabric.

Do you want to offer your customers an eco-friendly choice without forsaking the aesthetic appearance of your duster bags?

Lorenzo Ferraris

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