A vocation for the textile sector 

Nastrificio di Cassano was founded in 1962 by Antonio Ghiringhelli who, in 1947, had already opened Tessitura Ghiringhelli, weaving mill, in Azzate, in the province of Varese with his brother Renzo. 

The two companies are still managed by the heirs of Antonio and Renzo, who share the desire to continue producing their textile materials in Italy. 

The style, attention to detail and the overall quality of the textile products made in our country are recognised all over the world, and both the Nastrificio di Cassano and Tessitura Ghiringhelli are committed to maintaining the reputation of Made in Italy products. Both companies invest in Research & Development every year and offer their customers innovative solutions in step with current market demands, confirming themselves year after year as two upstanding and reliable enterprises. 

The internationalisation of the Group 

Following the crisis in the textile sector in Italy, since the end of the 90s both Nastrificio di Cassano and Tessitura Ghiringhelli have conducted ongoing research to find new trade routes in foreign countries.

Nowadays, export accounts for about 50% of Nastrificio di Cassano’s turnover and 90% of the turnover of Tessitura Ghiringhelli, confirming the extent to which the quality of Made in Italy textile materials is recognised on a global scale. 

Attention to the environment 

Another value shared by Nastrificio di Cassano and Tessitura Ghiringhelli is the attention paid to the environmental impact of textile production.

The textile sector is estimated to be responsible for 10% of all environmental pollution, and both companies invest each year to reduce their production of CO2.

For example, Nastrificio di Cassano has invested in Research and Development and managed to propose recycled textile materials and a new eco-friendly line on the market that does not harm the environment. 

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