We have been manufacturing neutral label fabrics for clothing, furniture, automotive, packaging, the cosmetic sector and the wine and spirits sector since 1962.

Over the years, we have keenly observed this ever-changing market and studied solutions that meet the specific demands of printing, durability, and eco-sustainability.

This page reviews our latest news and some different insights to the industry of label fabric rolls. Enjoy the read!

11 May 2023

Automotive industry labels: mandatory standards and regulations

Find out which international standards the automotive labels must comply with and contact us to receive neutral label fabrics that meet such obligations.

5 October 2022

Bottle labels: 2 luxury solutions

Discover NDC’s products designed to create exclusive bottle labels that increase the perceived value of wines and spirits on the market. Read more.

16 June 2022

Neutral label fabrics from 1962 until today

Our company celebrates its 60th anniversary with the expansion of the warehouse and continuous investments in Research and Development. Find out more.

27 April 2022

Print4All 2022: our labelling range

Heading to the Print4All Fair in Milan we are taking eco-friendly fabrics, and also acetate, cotton, nylon, polyester, adhesive rayon flock…find out more about what you’ll see at our stand.

11 March 2022

Lineapelle 2022: the opportunity to propose an ECO packaging

We attended Lineapelle 2022 to propose a new fabric to the leather goods sector to create exclusive and eco-friendly packaging. Find out more.

28 September 2021

Salone del Mobile – Milan Furniture Fair – 2021: new trends and new ideas

We are delighted to confirm our attendance at the Milan Furniture Fair 2021, the place of innovation par excellence.

13 September 2021

The C.L.A.S.S. ecohub chooses Nastrificio di Cassano

The NDC Green premium collection is part of C.L.A.S.S., the international ecohub for smart and sustainable fashion. Find out more details, read the latest news.

6 July 2021

Label fabrics: which material should you choose?

Better acetate or cotton? Why choose polyester labels? Read our news to find out which are
the most suitable textile materials for each industry.

1 July 2021

All you need to know about eco-sustainable fabrics for labels

Can the labels be disposed of as organic waste? Read our article about compostable labels and choose label fabrics that are good for the environment.

30 June 2021

3 advantages of using bespoke label fabrics

Why should you create labels from bespoke neutral fabrics and not standard fabrics? We
have found 3 reasons. Find out more here.

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