Advertising banner materials: the advantages of fabric

Find out why it’s better to use neutral label fabrics for your advertising banners. Read our insight on advertising banner fabrics

We are used to seeing banners made of plexiglas, paper applied to iron structures or PVC sheets, but label fabric can also be a great solution for promoting events, products and services. Here's why.

Ease of handling

An advertising banner made of fabric is far more practical to transport because it is light and can be folded up neatly, occupying very little space. What's more, compared to PVC solutions, it doesn't peel off over time and conveys your promotional message clearly and distinctly for years to come.


Compared to paper printed posters, fabric banners are more durable and can be reused again and again even outdoors without suffering any damaged. Once they are no longer required, simply untie each banner from the support structure, roll it up and store it in a safe place; it can be reused years later without fear that the printing has peeled or deteriorated.


A fabric banner is more flexible, it fits on different support structures without tearing and has excellent traction resistance, making it ideal for promoting your messages even in areas prone to more windy weather.


The manufacturing of fabric banners requires less energy compared to other types of advertising media. What's more, its durability also optimises waste and is an environmentally friendly choice.


Our label fabrics can be waterproofed using a resin coating process. The resin coating ensures that the edges of the fabric do not become soaked when in contact with water and bestows extra tensile strength, preventing the banner from tearing or deteriorating even in strong stormy conditions.

UV ray resistant

Until now, the main problem with fabric advertising media was their low UV ray resistance. Despite being more practical and durable than other banners available, the fabric exposed to the sun tended to turn yellow and the printed colours were prone to fading. Today, thanks to the results obtained by our R&D department, we can state that now also neutral fabrics for advertising banners are UV ray resistant and an even more valid alternative to paper, plexiglas and PVC.

Do you want to know more about our neutral fabrics for advertising banners?

** Our Research & Development Department is working on a new line of fabrics for advertising banners that will be presented in the coming months.

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