Bottle labels: 2 luxury solutions

Discover NDC's products designed to create exclusive bottle labels that increase the perceived value of wines and spirits on the market.

In the wine-making sector labels are so important that they become synonymous with the winery that makes the wine. It is not surprising, therefore, that wine and spirits producers pay utmost attention to the packaging of their products, focusing on every minimum detail of the bottles, the boxes that contain them, and especially the labels.

In addition to providing specific indications relating to the wine or spirit, such as the area of production, the alcohol level and storage tips, bottle labels represent the values of those who produced them and, thanks to these materials, they enable the brand to position itself in a specific sector, from the large-scale distribution bottle market to the luxury bottle market, which are lavish, opulent and intended for an affluent consumer.

Luxury labels for the wine sector

If traditional bottle labels are still made of paper, when you approach the luxury wine market the labels become stunning works of art and the material chosen to produce them is selected to convey exclusivity, sophistication and attention to detail.

At Nastrificio di Cassano we have developed two different product lines for this specific application: on the one hand Flock Rayon Adhesive and on the other adhesive fabric for labels.

Flock Rayon is a flocked material that feels as soft as velvet to the touch and can be easily processed to take on a variety of shapes without losing its outstanding finish.

The adhesive fabric, on the other hand, has the same characteristics as the fabric used to create labels for other markets, but it makes the bottles more particular and conveys to users a sense that more attention has been dedicated by the winery, both to the packaging and in selecting the contents of the bottle.

How were our luxury label fabrics conceived

The idea of including luxury label fabrics in our catalogue came from our attentive listening to market demands. At Nastrificio di Cassano we are always attentive and focus on perceiving the requirements of the companies that use our fabrics for their labels and we try to respond with state-of-the-art solutions, combining practicality and aesthetic features.

By attending wine and food exhibitions, we realised just how important it was for companies to be able to count on partners who could provide quality materials to produce unique labels, so our R&D department inserted Flock Rayon and adhesive fabric labels. But our journey is far from over.

Once again this year from 3 to 5 October, we will be attending Luxepack in the Principality of Monaco, the exhibition dedicated to luxury packaging, to meet some of our long-term customers displaying their products in booths, and meet new ones, listening to their needs and developing targeted solutions.

If you wish to find out more about our luxury label range, please contact us!

We can make an appointment either at our premises or at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco during the Luxepack Exhibition from 3 to 5 October 2022.

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