We specialise in the manufacturing of label fabric rolls for the clothing, furniture, medical, marketing and automotive sectors.

Every year we invest in Research and Development to discover new solutions that meet the demands of an ever growing market and we are promoters of environmentally friendly synthetic fabrics, as well as flame retardant fabrics, thermal transfer printing fabrics and fabrics that can withstand garment-dyeing and Stone Wash processes.

The manufacturing cycle takes place at our facility in Cassano Magnano, in the Varese area, where we are equipped with all the machinery required to manufacture our finished products in-house.

We process fabrics produced by our weaving department that has over 150 looms, up to 2 meters high, while cut rolls are available in heights of between 10 mm and 2000 mm.

our products

Acetate label fabrics

Acetate label textile materials are amongst our flagship services.
We are currently able to produce satin and acetate taffeta fabrics in an anti-thread version, in a self-adhesive version and in an eco-sustainable version.

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Cotton label fabrics

The organic material par excellence, cotton is used for the production of canvases which are then transformed into rolls, or cut into label sheets, before being printed and applied to final products.

Upon request, cotton fabrics for care labels can be resin coated on one or both sides to avoid fraying, adhesive coated and delivered at heights of between 10mm and 1400mm.

Compared to other types of textile materials for labels, such as acetate, polyester or nylon, cotton fabrics are far superior and are mainly chosen by companies that want to add an important added value to their products. Like Flock Rayon fabrics, cotton fabrics are also used in the wine industry to create valuable labels for bottles of wine, craft beers and spirits.

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Adhesive Flock Rayon label fabrics

Flock Rayon is an innovative flocked material that is supplied in rolls and offers the same visual and tactile feel as velvet. It is the ultimate in luxury labels, such as labels for wine & spirit bottles or cosmetic products.

The particular structure of the Flock Rayon adhesive fabrics makes it easy to die-cut the fabric, giving our customers the possibility to create labels of every shape and size, making their final products even more unique and sophisticated.

In addition, our Flock Rayon adhesive fabric rolls are moisture resistant and have passed the ice-bucket tests that guarantee resistance even if immersed in an ice bucket, as is often the case with wine bottles.

Thanks to our manufacturing flexibility we can supply adhesive rolls for Rayon flock labels even with a minimum order quantity of just 250 sqm.

Discover the Adhesive Flock Rayon label fabrics

Polyester label fabrics

Polyester fabrics for care labels are the economical alternative to acetate fabrics and are mainly used in the clothing industry.

We currently supply canvas or satin polyester fabrics, which can be resin coated to make the labels non fray and more wash resistant.

The height of each roll depends on the application requirements, and ranges from a minimum of 10 mm to a maximum of 1,800 mm.

Our range of neutral polyester fabrics also include categories of products destined to special applications, such as flame retardant neutral polyester fabrics which comply with MV SS 302 standard requirements and polyester fabrics resistant to garment dyeing and stone wash treatments.

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Nylon label fabrics

Nylon fabrics are the best solution for those looking for neutral care label fabrics with the best quality/price ratio.

Before manufacturing commences, each batch of raw material is carefully inspected, so as to guarantee economical yet quality textile materials, both from the aesthetic view point and also their technical characteristics and resistance over time.

Neutral textile materials for nylon labels can be supplied in rolls with a height ranging from 10mm to 1,600mm and, on request, can also be adhesive-coated, for a different application on the finished product.

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Eco-friendly label fabrics

Offering eco-friendly products that do not impact the environment is a choice that makes a tangible difference. This is true in every industry, but even more so in the label industry, indispensable details that go unnoticed, but that help companies to convey their values, also with regard to safeguarding the environment.

At Nastrificio di Cassano we chose to promote eco-friendly labels even before the prefix Eco- entered the common vocabulary and today we are able to produce textile material for eco-friendly labels for three different product ranges:

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Self-adhesive and Heat-adhesive

The range of self-adhesive products, in acetate satin and acetate and polyester taffeta, are mainly produced for the clothing, furniture and label manufacturing industries

our deliveries

In stock and ready to deliver

At our Cassano Magnago facility near Varese, we have tapes in stock and ready to deliver so you never run out of the fabrics you need to create your own labels


Our catalogue features over 200 different types of fabric tapes that differ in material and colour, and are produced to order according to your specific demands.

Bespoke solutions

In case of special requests, our Research & Development department is at your complete disposal to study and produce new fabrics suitable for all types of application.

Fabrics suitable for all types of printing and washing processes

Our range of label textile materials is supplied in neutral rolls which are then printed by our customers with their names, logos and information before being cut and applied to the finished products.

Our Research and Development department has invested considerably in product quality and printing options, and has managed to create textile lines for labels suitable for silk-screen printing, off-set printing, but also for digital printing and thermal-transfer printing.

The quality of our products is especially evident during the dyeing and washing phases. In addition to our standard fabrics, we also manufacture label fabric lines that are resistant to garment dyeing and Stone Wash treatments.

Moreover, certain product lines are wear resistant, do not discolour in sunlight and do not deteriorate in high temperature environments.

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