Sustainable labels using our fabrics

Biodegradable labels are created with innovative fabrics that do not pollute the environment. Read more about our solutions to safeguard the planet.

Our Research & Development department pays considerable attention to the environmental impact of our textile production, for this reason it has created several sustainable product lines, including fabrics made from recycled materials and fabrics for biodegradable labels. Here is an overview of the Bio ranges that are part of our current catalogue and allow label manufacturers to make a conscious choice in order to protect the environment.

Recycled polyester fabrics

Recycled polyester labels are produced from fabrics with fibres obtained from recycled PET bottles. A solution that reduces the presence of plastic on the planet, optimises the production process and allows companies to make a sustainable choice for our future.

Eco-friendly acetate fabrics

Eco-friendly acetate label fabrics come from FSC certified sites and make it possible to create forest-friendly care labels because the trees used in the production process are managed in an informed manner.

LABìO labels

The LABìO line is a range of compostable and biodegradable products to produce almost Zero impact tags and care labels. LABìO HANGreen tag fabrics are treated with compostable resins, while the LABìO ECO-SOFT label fabrics are treated with GOTS certified resins.

Organic and durable fabrics

Our eco-friendly fabrics not only protect the planet, but also make it possible to create labels that perform their job of providing care instructions faultlessly, whilst help enterprises emphasise their level of environmental awareness. From apparel to home textiles, furniture and cosmetic packaging, our fabrics can be used to create durable labels that meet both corporate requirements and the need of the market to deliver eco-friendly products in every respect.

Come and enjoy a hands-on experience with our eco-friendly labels at LabelExpo in Brussels. We will be at the fair from 11 to 14 September at Stand 6B24 where you can talk to our technicians and find the perfect label fabric for you and your future customers.

Set up a meeting with us at LabelExpo in Brussels - Stand 6B24

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