Textile materials with biodegradable yarns for labels 

The LABìO range 

The LABìO line is the result of years of Research & Development in the label textile materials sector. Textile production accounts for 10% of environmental pollution, and this figure can no longer be ignored. Our technicians have therefore worked to find a solution that reduces the environmental impact of our products and allows customers to make an eco-sustainable choice. 

In addition to the creation of products under the NDC Green trademark, such as recycled acetate or polyester fabrics, the LABìO line was launched in 2020, which includes two solutions for the manufacturing of eco-compatible labels.


The LABìO HANGreen rolls are textile materials designed for the manufacturing of tags for the clothing sector. 

The basic fabric from which they are produced is of organic origin, biodegradable and compostable, and so are the resins used for the finishes.

The tags made from the LABIO HANGreen line materials are therefore a solution with reduced environmental impact, perfect where there is a need to provide information to the end customer, but no resistance to washing is required.


The LABìO ECO-SOFT line is composed of biodegradable and compostable textile material, finished with GOTS certified resins that withstand 10 washes at 30°C. 

Compared to the production of neutral cotton rolls, the production of LABìO ECO-SOFT rolls reduces water consumption by 15 times and represents a new way of designing the production of labels whilst fully respecting the environment. 

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