3 advantages of using bespoke label fabrics

Why should you create labels from bespoke neutral fabrics and not standard fabrics?

We have found 3 reasons. Find out more here.

In the clothing industry, labels are a detail that can make a difference.

Imagine being in a store and spotting a dress that is an absolute must for your wardrobe.

What is the first thing you do?

Look at the label, of course, to see if they have your size, what material it is made of, care instructions etc. This small detail can therefore affect your shopping experience and, if the label is well designed, convince you to take that item home with you instead of leaving it all alone on the shelf.

So here are the 3 advantages you can achieve by choosing bespoke fabric labels.


1. Boost your image

Choosing a black rather than a white label, an acetate satin or cotton tape changes the way customers perceive your brand.

In the fashion and design world, where the product is evaluated at first sight, having a soft touch label, which does not fray, which is the right width for your garments and, above all, none of your competitors have because you made it from a bespoke fabric, can boost your brand image and have a positive impact on your positioning.

2. Speed up production

Choosing bespoke label textile materials is also useful during the manufacturing of your clothing.

When you choose the height of the roll, the colour and the material based on the machines you use both during the printing and application phase, your labels can be printed using all the different methods (off-set, heat transfer, digital, silk-screen printing, and so on) and they also withstand treatments such as Stone Wash and garment-dyeing processes.

3. Convey your values

Creating labels from bespoke fabrics and carefully evaluating the material to be used is a way to communicate to the market the core values on which your company is built.

For instance: if your products respect the environment, why shouldn't your labels do so too?

With the LABìO ECO-SOFT line and the LABìOHANGreen line, your care labels become ecological, biodegradable and compostable too!

Elisa Ghiringhelli

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