All you need to know about eco-sustainable fabrics for labels

Can the labels be disposed of as organic waste?

Read our article about compostable labels and choose label fabrics that are good for the environment.

The new frontier of label fabrics are ecological materials that do not harm the environment and can even be disposed of as organic waste.

Our Research & Development department consistently monitors market demands and has managed to produce the LABìO HANGreen and LABìO ECO-SOFT brand fabrics for the production of eco-sustainable labels and tags.

Below are the main specifications for these two innovative materials:

1. Respect of the environment during manufacturing

The manufacturing of LABìO ECO-SOFT and LABìO HANGreen brand fabrics is based on the reuse of raw materials and a 15-fold reduction of water consumptions foreseen by the production process of other label fabrics, a plus for the environment from the very first stages of processing.

2. They are compostable

The LABìO HANGreen and LABìO ECO-SOFT brand fabrics use a biodegradable and compostable yarn and are then resin-coated with different resins.

3. Certification

The LABìO HANGreen brand fabrics, designed for the manufacturing of tags, and hence a sturdier material have compostable resin coatings, while the resins used for the LABìO ECO-SOFT line are GOTS certified.

4. The resins are also eco-friendly

The yarns used for the manufacturing of the LABìO HANGreen line are all TUV AUSTRIA certified while the resins used for the LABìO ECO-SOFT line are GOTS certified.

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5. They withstand 10 washes

The LABìO ECO-SOFT line fabrics withstand 10 domestic washings at 30°C without damage.

Using our compostable fabrics for labels you give added value to your products and safeguard the environment.
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