Decorative fabric ribbons: a touch of class for your corporate gifts

Surprise your customers with corporate gifts showing attention to detail. Find out how to receive your own brand of bespoke decorative ribbons.

In the business world, attention to detail is what makes the difference. When you choose a gift for a customer, supplier or collaborator, your gift is a marketing strategy, and wrapping it carefully reflects the attention you give to the recipient. Choosing to wrap your gifts with bespoke ribbons boosts your brand identity and improves the market's perception of your business, but only if you pay attention to two key aspects:

1.  The colours

For corporate gifts, selecting the colours of the decorative ribbons is key as they must reflect the shades used for your brand identity.

If you have chosen a specific colour for your logo and the materials you use for your marketing activities, because it conveys the values and sentiment that reflect your corporate philosophy, this colour should also be selected for the ribbons used to wrap your gifts.

This does not mean that, if your logo is blue then the ribbons must be blue, they could be white with a blue trim, or pale blue with dark blue details. The important thing is that your main colour is present along the entire length of the ribbon, to ensure consistency with your marketing activities and convey your true values.

2.  The logo

If you want your corporate gifts to be truly unique and remembered by the recipient, make sure your logo is on the ribbon you use to wrap them.

You can use the entire logo or just the pictogram, the reduced version of a logo that is easiest to remember; you can choose to have it embroidered or printed, the important thing is that it is present, to boost your identity and create a real bond between you and the person unwrapping the gift.

Where to find decorative ribbons for your corporate gifts

Having your own bespoke ribbons is easier than you think.

If you need small quantities and prefer to use neutral ribbons, that is ribbons that use your corporate colours but without your logo, you can find them ready for delivery at our warehouse in Cassano Magnago, near Varese.

If, however, you need truly unique ribbons for your corporate gifts, you can contact our offices and discuss how to create your very own bespoke corporate ribbons. Thanks to our in-house weaving department, we can create ribbons embroidered with your logo and provide you with exclusive rolls of fabric to surprise your customers, as well as suppliers and collaborators.

Boost your brand image using bespoke decorative ribbons for your corporate gifts.

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