Nastrificio di Cassano exhibitor at the Packaging Première in Milan

Nastrificio di Cassano among the exhibitors at the Packaging Première in Milan. Find out more about our contribution to the development of the packaging sector.

This year was our first experience as an exhibitor at the Packaging Première in Milan, the top world deluxe packaging exhibition for the cosmetics, fashion, jewellery, food and Wine & Spirits industries.

The venue was at Allianz MiCo in Milan from 21 to 23 May and attracted more than 8,300 visitors and over 320 exhibitors from all over the world, including China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Finland and many other countries. Here are some further details on this magnificent international exhibition.

Packaging Première 2024: creativity, innovation and sustainability

The Packaging Premiere 2024 celebrated creativity, sustainability and innovation, bringing together international designers, material manufacturers and new start-ups to showcase the revolutionary products that lay the foundation for the future of packaging.

Many exhibitors showcased their state-of-the-art materials for new luxury packaging options, while industry experts and international guests brought new aspects to the table during the many conferences and debates, also presenting interesting case histories to inspire continued development in this industry.

Furthermore, special attention was given to the combination of sustainability, technology and creativity, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach in the packaging world so as to achieve successful results with the primary objective of enhancing product value and respecting the environment.

Let's look at the new aspects that the experts at Nastrificio di Cassano brought to the exhibition.

The latest Nastrificio di Cassano news

Our company has been manufacturing label printing materials since 1962. We specialise in textile, eco-sustainable and speciality labelling and packaging solutions for the wine, cosmetics, clothing, automotive and furniture industries.

However, this year we pushed our boundaries just a little further: after years of participation as visitors at the Packaging Première, for the first time we decided to attend the event as an exhibitor, in order to make our contribution to the development of the sector, with a particular focus on luxury packaging in the Wine & Spirits industry.

In fact, at our stand we unveiled two new aspects of the luxury collection range dedicated to the wine sector: an innovative cork material and a state-of-the-art compound made from 80% calcium carbonate and 20% HDPE.

Both products are eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for label printing. Let's find out more.


The cork labels by Nastrificio di Cassano bestow a touch of luxury and originality to the product, whilst adding value to the high-end wines. Not only does cork contribute to the aesthetics and prestige of the product, but also to its sustainability, given it is a natural and renewable material.

Moreover, the soft and embracing texture of this material paves the way towards a distinctive tactile experience, which makes each bottle of wine a true masterpiece of design, sensory awareness and respect for the environment.

Calcium carbonate and HDPE

Our innovative calcium carbonate compound is Cradle to Cradle certified, which means it meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability. What’s more, this material is water-resistant and stain-proof, characteristics that make it ideal for applications in the wine sector.

Thanks to their resistance even at low temperatures, the calcium carbonate and HDPE labels maintain their integrity and beauty even inside the ice bucket, guaranteeing an excellent presentation of the product at all times.

Our contribution to the industry and the environment

In addition to these innovations, during the three days spent at the Packaging Première 2024, we also presented a range of alternative solutions for the development of the wine and cosmetics industries: flocked materials with special textures, such as velvet, as well as wood-effect and glitter polyester designer labels.

In addition, we paid particular attention to the development of materials with biodegradable elements to promote packaging sustainability even further. Our experts worked exceptionally hard to develop these solutions that bring together sophisticated aesthetics and respect for the environment.

The result is a luxury packaging that not only enhances the product, but also responds to the increase in demands concerning environmental protection in this market.

Labels that stimulate the senses while boosting value

The state-of-the-art materials by Nastrificio di Cassano are custom designed to offer a unique and engaging experience to all consumers. In fact, the exceptional visual and tactile impact of our solutions not only captures the attention, but also boosts the product experience as a whole, stimulating the senses and making it totally unforgettable.

Our labels strive, therefore, to improve the visual and tactile appeal of the products, increasing their prestige and value also from an economic point of view. Designed to distinguish themselves, our solutions turn every bottle or package into a sensory masterpiece, boosting the image of the product and the brand itself.

A successful experience at Allianz MiCo in Milan

Our attendance at the Packaging Première in Milan was a fascinating experience for the entire team. In fact, during the time spent inside the Allianz MiCo Halls, we had the opportunity to meet new customers and collaborators, opening the doors to new and promising partnerships. In particular, many designers were fascinated by the creativity and innovation of our products dedicated to the cosmetics and Wine & Spirits industry.

Proud and delighted with our solutions, we firmly believe that they can become a real game changer in the packaging industry. We strive to continue to work with passion and commitment towards constantly innovating our products, always looking for new ways to combine aesthetics, sustainability and technology, so as to offer only the best to our customers and collaborators.

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