Cotton label fabrics

The organic material par excellence, cotton is used for the production of canvases which are then transformed into rolls, or cut into label sheets, before being printed and applied to final products.

Upon request, cotton fabrics for care labels can be resin coated on one or both sides to avoid fraying, adhesive coated and delivered at heights of between 10mm and 1400mm.

Compared to other types of textile materials for labels, such as acetate, polyester or nylon, cotton fabrics are far superior and are mainly chosen by companies that want to add an important added value to their products. Like Flock Rayon fabrics, cotton fabrics are also used in the wine industry to create valuable labels for bottles of wine, craft beers and spirits.

How to print cotton fabric labels

Cotton fabrics for care labels and labels can only be printed using traditional rotary printing methods.

The cotton fabric colour palette

Although neutral cotton fabrics can be manufactured in any colour, for this material the demand is focused on white neutral fabrics that reflect the natural colour of the product and emphasise its organic origin.

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