Eco-friendly label fabrics

Offering eco-friendly products that do not impact the environment is a choice that makes a tangible difference. This is true in every industry, but even more so in the label industry, indispensable details that go unnoticed, but that help companies to convey their values, also with regard to safeguarding the environment.

At Nastrificio di Cassano we chose to promote eco-friendly labels even before the prefix Eco- entered the common vocabulary and today we are able to produce textile material for eco-friendly labels for three different product ranges:

Eco-friendly acetate fabrics

Eco-friendly acetate fabrics are manufactured using natural fibres originating from FSC certified forests. Widely used in the furnishings industry, they guarantee the same performance as acetate fabrics, but with extra attention to the environment.

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Eco-friendly polyester fabrics

We recycle PET bottles to create a recycled polyester yarn, which is used to produce satin and taffeta fabrics at our facility.

Also in this case the performance of the textile material is equivalent to traditional polyester care label fabrics, but the origin of the yarn guarantees added value to the label and to the product on which it is applied.

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LABìO tags and labels

The LABìO line is a new range of fabrics for tags and labels made of organic and compostable materials.

LABìO ECO-SOFT labels are treated with GOTS certified resins, while LABìO HANGreen tags are made with compostable resins.

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