Label fabrics: which material should you choose?

Acetate or cotton?

Why should you choose polyester labels? Read our news to find out which are the most suitable textile materials for each sector.

We have been manufacturing textile materials for labels for almost 60 years and our experience has taught us that there is no perfect fabric for labels, as everything depends on the type of application.

For seat belts, for example, labels must be fireproof, mattresses and carpets require adhesive labels, and biodegradable labels are preferable for eco-friendly clothing.

At our facility in Cassano Magnago, near Varese, we can manufacture neutral fabric rolls for labels using a wide assortment of materials, from classic acetate to the most innovative compostable fabric rolls.

These are what we recommend for each industrial sector and why.

Clothing labels

Polyester, cotton, nylon or recycled materials can be used for clothing labels. It is the fashion house that decides which fabric best represents its values and philosophy.

During the selection, however, it is recommended to check the suitability of the fabric to the type of printing and production processes with the manufacturer. Special polyester tapes are required for garment-dyeing, thermal-transfer printing and stone washes.

Labels for the marketing sector

If we think about the typical tapes used for gift packaging, the choice of using one fabric rather than another depends on the stylistic effect desired for the finished package. For example, our acetate tapes are perfect for tying bows.

If, on the other hand, you need labels for sashes and pennants, the best fabric to use is acetate, but cotton and polyester are also excellent alternatives.

Automotive industry labels

The most suitable fabric for vehicle seat belt labels is polyester, but bear in mind, not just any polyester.

In this case, in fact, the final product must be flame retardant and comply with MV SS 302 standard requirements, that's why the advice of an expert is needed to select the right polyester.

Please contact our sales office to find out more about our range of fabrics suitable for seat belt labels.

Medical sector labels

The plasters sector requires a special adhesive non-woven fabric which, once processed, is transformed into plasters suitable for contact with the skin.

If you would like to know more about this particular product, please contact our sales offices to find out all the technical specifications.

Cosmetics and Wine & Spirits sector labels

In the cosmetic and wine and spirits sector the labels must be self-adhesive with attention to detail from an aesthetic and tactile point of view. The most suitable fabric is therefore Flock Fashion Label, an innovative soft and velvety fabric that is mainly used to produce labels for perfumes, creams, make-up, fine wines, spirits and liqueurs.

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