Neutral label fabrics from 1962 until today

Our company celebrates its 60th anniversary with the expansion of the warehouse and continuous investments in Research and Development.

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It was 1962 when Antonio Ghiringhelli decided to start a successful collaboration between Tessitura Ghiringhelli, founded with his brother Renzo, and a company dedicated to the production of neutral fabrics for labels. At that time, there was great fervour in the Italian textile sector and Nastrificio immediately obtained the approval of customers searching for quality products, with utmost attention to detail and in step with the demands of the market.

Despite the difficulties encountered in the decades that followed, at Nastrificio Cassano we never stopped believing in the Made in Italy concept and today we are proud to celebrate our 60 years of business activity in our headquarters in the province of Varese, where we never stop investing in our search for innovative solutions. Here’s how.

An even larger and capacious warehouse

The gift we gave ourselves to celebrate this 60th anniversary was a 600 square metre expansion of our warehouse, increasing our storage capacity of the classic neutral fabrics in cotton, acetate and polyester, but also that of the most innovative fabrics, such as the eco-friendly LABìO line.

Thanks to the new warehouse, we will be able to guarantee both Italian and foreign customers a higher quantity of fabrics in stock and ready to deliver, to meet their demands and ensure accurate and faster deliveries.

A corporate event at Villa Ghiringhelli

A milestone as important as the 60th anniversary of a company had to be celebrated, and what better location than Villa Ghiringhelli?

Villa Ghiringhelli was the family home of our founder and is now used by the family as a location for weddings, private and corporate events. Organising an event here was our way of paying tribute to Antonio Ghiringhelli, his entrepreneurial spirit, but also to meet our customers, suppliers and collaborators, and to make a toast to the future of our business with all of them.

New investments in Research & Development

Our search for new materials is an ongoing activity which began back in 1962. After creating the LABìO line, our R&D department didn't rest on its laurels, quite the opposite. Once again this year we decided to invest part of our turnover to develop environmentally friendly materials and to find new lines that will allow our customers to create even greener tags and labels.

In the meantime, do you want to know more about the green products we have already developed?

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