Furnishings labels

In the furnishings industry, textile materials are used to create traditional labels for curtains and cushions, or adhesive labels for carpets and mattresses. Like the clothing industry, the label is used to communicate the product specifications and to give care and maintenance recommendations.

Neutral materials for furnishings labels

Based on our experience, for the furnishings industry we recommend using neutral acetate fabrics, but to give the end product an added value, it is also possible to use neutral cotton fabrics.

Both cotton fabrics and acetate fabrics can be tackified and cut to measure starting from a 1,000 mm jumbo roll.

Printing of furnishings labels

Acetate furnishings fabrics can be printed using traditional rotating printing, off-set printing, digital printing and thermal transfer printing systems, while cotton fabrics can only be printed using traditional rotating printing methods.

If you have any doubts concerning the type of fabric to use to achieve the desired result, our technicians are always at your disposal to give their technical advice and help customers create the perfect labels for their products.

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