Luxury labels for bottles and vials

At our Cassano Magnago plant facility we manufacture rolls of adhesive Flock Rayon fabric, a particular flocked fabric made of artificial fibres, which has the same feel and visual effect as velvet, and is used to create superior quality labels, intended for bottles of fine wines and liqueurs or refined cosmetic vials.

Supplied in adhesive rolls, this Flock Rayon fabric can be used to produce labels of all shapes and sizes, easy to apply and hard-wearing even in the most difficult conditions, as the fabric has passed the ice bucket test and can be immersed in an ice bucket with no detaching or damage to the label.

Labels that unleash creativity

In addition to the aesthetic appearance and hard-wearing features of this fabric, adhesive Flock Rayon also offers a wide range of creative options as it can be easily die-cut.

This allows designers to create labels to be die-cut with irregular shapes, inserts and details that turn the actual label into a unique and immediately recognisable product.

For the wine & spirits and cosmetic industries, in addition to Flock Rayon we also manufacture special adhesive materials made of acetate and also polyester with a gold and glitter effect.

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