Textile materials for the marketing product industry

In the marketing product industry, neutral fabrics are used to create traditional gift wrapping tapes, both in standard and customised colour shades. Neutral fabrics can also be printed with logos and lettering to customise them even further.

Neutral textile materials, however, are also used in the production of shoppers, pennants, sports bibs for running sports and customised articles such as clothes covers and shoe covers.

Neutral fabrics used for packaging and events

There is a huge variety of fabrics available for use in the marketing product industry. We recommend the use of LABìO ECO-SOFT for the production of customised shoe covers, clothes covers and shoppers, an innovative eco-friendly material that bestows great added value to the end product.

For traditional packaging tapes you can choose acetate, the cheapest polyester, but also cotton if you want to give more of a shabby chic look to the finished product or Flock Rayon if you want to create a luxury label that stands apart from the rest.

Printing of marketing product labels

The printing of labels for the marketing product industry highly depends on the type of material chosen: it ranges from thermal transfer printing to laser printing and hot printing.

Thanks to their experience in the field, our technicians are always at your disposal to recommend both the material and the type of printing that is most suitable for the envisaged end product.

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